Pinntec’s automated on-site booking and log-in/out system safely manages the end-to-end flow of vehicle, driver and load.

  • Enables a smooth flow of traffic and a heightened level of safety, security and site management

  • Example annual single site saving of c£96,000, and typical ROI for large operators only 8 months


Non value add manual process Companies who currently have manned gatehouse operations at their distribution centres have varied requirements for their security personnel to carry out. In most cases they check paperwork, provide Health & Safety advice and direction, and simply allow the driver to proceed into the depot through a manually operated barrier. In some cases the checking of paperwork is not a necessity, so the colleague is simply there to press a button to raise the barrier. Gatehouse automation improves efficiency and reduces costs Pinntec’s automated access control system aligns Health & Safety, efficient traffic management, site access and one view of the logistics activity on site at any point in time. It manages the end-to-end flow of vehicle, driver and load, and provides accuracy of data acquisition. We provide a simple to follow, multilingual touchscreen solution that fully integrates into a distribution centre’s existing access control systems and networks to ensure a seamless operation. ANPR tracking is incorporated to provide transport recognition, guidance and control. This is complemented by a clear communication capability via an integrated, two-way voice control system. Clear Benefits and rapid Return On Investment Our Automated Gatehouse system delivers substantial, ongoing savings and a rapid Return on Investment. Benefits include:

  • Reduction in gatehouse colleague wage cost – for example, annual single site saving of colleague hours c£96,000, and a typical ROI for large operators only 8 months
  • Efficient vehicle movements on and off site.
  • Safer environment for drivers, removing the necessity to leave tractor unit to go to gatehouse.
  • Increased Health & Safety compliance by the automatic recording of date, time and vehicle registration number information when site H&S rules accepted.
  • Multilingual self-check in.
  • Improved accuracy of data capture, and automated data input into client software.
  • Can be fully integrated into yard management software.
  • Full reporting suite of data that can be used to maximise operational effectiveness and compliance across distribution and other business functions.