Our specialist asset management lockers and secure dispensing robotics safeguard valuable assets and improve Health & Safety compliance 24/7/365.


Clear benefits and rapid ROI from our lockers:

  • 68% reduction in time taken versus manual handover of asset to warehouse operative colleague
  • Average 20 extra minutes use per device/per day, due to queue (wait time) reduction
  • 50% reduction in asset losses and damages over a 12 month period
  • 100% traceability of all assets not returned, with visibility of ownership

(Typical savings that are realised when our asset lockers are deployed over a 12 month period).


Automatically monitor and control key devices around your warehouse

In partnership with leading global manufacturer Signifi, we provide smart vending units that can dispense a wide range of products including high value items, specialist equipment, PPE etc, and food and drinks.

Our lockers are flexible and modular, enabling you to automatically manage hand-held devices, voice, radio and IT equipment at strategic locations conveniently placed around your Distribution Centres.

They incorporate innovative, robotic-based dispensing technology and can expand to incorporate lockers under a single software platform that manages all functionality seamlessly, with a proven capability to integrate with 3rd party solutions and business systems.



Specialist lockers for Distribution facilities

Our locker solutions are often one of the first steps taken by our logistics clients on their route to optimising productivity and safety across their operations by utilising automation to remove non value add processes and tasks, and to reduce accidents resulting from human error.

Key areas of benefit include:

  • Eliminate manual management of the equipment check-out and check-in process.
  • Reduce wilful damage, downtime of assets due to staff not being available to perform their tasks.
  • Scheduled alerting gives real-time notifications of all over-due assets and associated owners.
  • Increase productivity by streamlining the distribution process.
  • Real-time reporting on asset ownership including asset ID and user ID.
  • Shrink replacement costs for misplaced or missing equipment.
  • Manage compliance, calibration, certification and warranty items.
  • In-locker charging available.
  • Can be custom branded.