Distribution operators who have to move high numbers of containers through their sites need to accurately capture container numbers to control their flow in and out of their sites.

It will enable them to maintain a database of the location of each container, complete with date and time stamp, together with onward travel details. This information is also combined with the empty container data for ease of future deployment. It is also important to capture the data which links the container number to the skeletal trailer and tractor unit VRN. Manual Process, Human Frailties Currently operators usually use a rudimental system of manually collating the numbers via colleagues noting them on arrival, departure and via periodic yard checks, and then inputting them into their systems, one by one. This is not only very labour intensive but prone to error. Improving Accuracy by Eliminating Human Error Pinntec have developed a solution that automatically detects and records the VRN, trailer number and container number of vehicles at the entrance and exit gates and use this to maintain a list of assets currently on site. This technology can also be deployed at different locations around the site to control movement and support reach stacker workload and on/off rail activity, where applicable. Typically, different types of cameras are deployed adjacent to the entrance and exit lanes, with IP controlled visible light illuminators provide lighting for the cameras during low light conditions. Clear Benefits The benefits for our clients of implementing Pinntec’s full number recognition solution at their sites include:

  • Reduction in colleague wage cost in capturing data
  • Improved accuracy of data, with automated data input into client software
  • Increased H&S compliance by removing the person from vehicle movements
  • Accurate, real time data, used to reduce number of reach stacker movements and to automatically invoice for container storage
  • An enabler to introduce our full gatehouse automation solution

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