Each with their own experts and specialist resources


We have created three main divisions within our business to provide the necessary focus and specialist resources needed to meet clients needs.

They are linked by a deep understanding of how technology can enhance customer experience while improving operational efficiencies.


Specialists in self-service, vending, and automated solutions

Pinntec’s management team have been responsible for 250,000+ devices deployed in the UK over the past 5 years.

We combine enterprise software with engineering innovation and specialist equipment design to improve process automation and flow management. Our secure in-house developed software platform remotely manages everything seamlessly all while integrating with multiple 3rd party and business systems.

Automation Division


(as featured in ‘Last Minute Winner’ on BBC MOTDx)

Ballnation is a new, fun, sports-based experience

Post pandemic, new entertainment attractions are going to be of huge interest to an experience-deprived general public following lockdown. Sports technology which blends physical play with digital output, and which also satisfies the growing demand for ‘competitive socialising’, will be a major attraction.

Our Ballnation experience hotspots will be semi-permanent, multi-purpose sporting, leisure and entertainment venues which will appeal to different segments of the population, and drive different revenue streams throughout the day, to maximise asset value.

They will provide compelling environments which fuse together the physical and digital worlds, enabling consumers and brands to come together in an incredibly impactful way.

Creating unique, high profile destinations which appeals to consumers’ passion for creating memories and having fun

Ballnation experience hotspots are venue-based, new generation entertainment and sporting attractions.


Our Services & Operations Division not only helps to ensure the seamless design and delivery of projects for its two sister divisions, but also carries out work for its own customers.

Our specialist technicians, logistics and installation teams will help to ensure the efficient deployment and servicing of your solutions to deliver the best results and optimum performance 24/7/365. The Division currently has three production locations, spares storage, assembly area, workshop and pallet storage.

Services & Operations Division

Comprehensive, Rapid Response Maintenance and Support Service Capabilities with 24/7/365 Helpdesk and Proactive Remote Monitoring

Our Services & Operations Division is based at the company’s Head Office in Desford, near Leicester, which has the advantages of a central UK location and good access to the motorway network.

Pinntec Engineers

  • Uniformed, fully qualified and highly experienced engineers able to cope with the typical ‘unforeseen issues’.
  • ‘Kanban’ stock held in vans to maximise operational uptime of units.
  • Preventative maintenance guidance and skills.

Support Services

  • Service Level Agreement as required
  • Portal to track unit, service and maintenance performance.
  • Real-time stock reporting.
  • Fast-track fault triage/resolution
  • Preventative maintenance schedule.
  • 24/7/365 Helpdesk.


Our senior management team has more than 100 years experience working with retailers, hospitality, healthcare organisations and partners to develop and deliver their strategies.