Delivering a powerful combination of hardware, software and services


Through our own or our partners’ resources, we provide all the products and services required to design, test and deploy client solutions.

We create a tailored mix of relevant products and services for our clients, based around four elements:



Market strategy development

Operational efficiency audits

Sales management

Business development

Programme management

Operations management



‘VISION’ remote management software platform

Strategic platform development

Tactical initiatives design

Self-serve functional apps eg booking, check-in, information retrieval

Application development



Self-serve information, ‘Endless Aisle’, Order & Payment points

Digital media & signage

Access Control systems

Asset Management systems & lockers

Kiosks & housings, IT hardware, equipment and accessories

Display and POP fixtures



Creative design

Technical design & prototyping

Production & sourcing

Project management

Integration / Software staging

Logistics / Installation / Commissioning


As markets converge, we are finding that solutions which have been developed for one sector are also applicable across a number of different sectors, linked by common consumer and business needs.


Boost engagement, productivity and reliability

We have developed our own range of proven software and hardware solutions. Our software design and development service has helped our clients stand out in crowded marketplaces with long lasting and meaningful engagements with their audience.

We produce new and customised applications for:

Our experienced software designers and engineers provide a comprehensive range of specialist services covering tactical initiatives, strategic platforms, application development, and store training packages.



Software imaging / Application load

Device configuration / PED configuration

Technical integration

Site specific configuration

Firmware updates

Asset logging / Management



Anti-static environment

Multi-device staging

Bespoke cabling looms

Un-pack / Re-pack

Transport & Logistics



CE / PAT / Electrical test

Hardware set-up script test

Birth certificate / QA

Warranty / BAU


Advanced vending with end to end manageability

In partnership with Signifi, we provide smart vending units that are flexible and modular, and can dispense a wide range of products including high value items, specialist equipment / PPE etc, and food and drinks.

Signifi incorporate innovative, robotic-based dispensing technology and can expand to incorporate lockers under a single software platform that manages all functionality seamlessly, with a proven capability to integrate with 3rd party solutions and business systems.

Smart Lockers


Improve service, productivity and asset management

In partnership with Signifi, we provide smart locker systems.  These allow customers more convenient access to their purchases, whether away from main queuing areas in-store, out-of-hours, or even away from the store.

Signifi also enable clients to automatically manage the collection and return process for hand-held devices, voice and radio and computer equipment at strategic locations conveniently placed around their facilities.

Vending modules can be plugged in to expand the features available and offer transactional items to complement the Click and Collect service.


Increase Sales & Reduce Costs

Smart lockers make it easy and cost-effective for retailers to extend the convenience of 24/7 online ordering to the store. Our indoor or outdoor lockers allow retailers to deliver what customers want, when they want it.

Customers save on shipping costs, avoid package theft and avoid wait times when buying on-line and picking up in store.

Smart Storage

Store important work tools, scanners and devices that your employees use to do their job.

Share items for common use in residence or hotel – table tennis racquets, snooker balls.

Keep track of important goods and still make them easily accessible 24/7.

Parcel Pick-Up & Drop-Off

Indoor and Outdoor Lockers made from heavy duty components with brilliant touch screen interfaces and customizable exteriors. This is the best way to facilitate package pick-up and drop-off.

Whether it is corporate mail room or a residential complex keep packages secure, track delivery and integrate into building and courier company workflows. Make the mail room efficient.

Endless smart locker combinations – flexible – modular – intelligent


“All that brings us in touch”

Through our strategic partner Pyramid Computers GmbH, in the UK we exclusively provide their flexible and modular range of service point screens and kiosks, ‘ Polytouch ’. These innovative touchscreens enables customers, visitors and patients to check in, book appointments, access information, and to order and pay for products.

Pyramid are the #1 manufacturer worldwide of self ordering kiosks for restaurants; over 40,000 kiosks were shipped to well known global enterprises. Polytouch also provided Marks & Spencer with customised browse and order kiosks for their UK fashion offer.

Polytouch units are designed and constructed to offer multiple benefits



Slim, minimalistic

Modern, clean

Ergonomic, inviting



Modular range, components

Choice of colours, materials, branding

Multiple add-ons to base units eg order; payment etc



Minimal componentry & wiring

Simple layout with ready access

Easy to install and maintain



Quality components, IT heritage of manufacturer

Fewer parts

‘Sealed’ design


Decrease customer wait times, improve your service efficiency, and increase your revenues with our queuing solutions.

In conjunction with our strategic partner Wavetec, a global leader in customer flow management, we provide a complete range of flexible and modular queuing systems to handle operations from the simple to the highly complex.

Our range includes linear, virtual, mobile, WhatsApp, and enhanced COVID safe queuing solutions.

Benefits of our queue management solutions

Linear Queuing System – Single Queue for a shorter wait

This ticketless, single line queuing system is a cost effective way to manage queues in the fairest and fastest way at retail and pharmacy check-outs.

  • Best for short transactions
  • Easy to install and deploy
  • Wait times less than multiple queues
  • Customers served on first come, first served basis

Linear Queuing System – Single Queue for a shorter wait

Mobile Queuing System – The Platform for Mobile Revolution

Mobile Queuing System - The Platform for Mobile Revolution

Mobile-Q’ take-a ticket solution eliminates crowded service areas and optimizes customer flow by allowing customers to join a queue before they arrive.

  • Assign ticket numbers using a smart phone
  • Provides directions to the nearest branch
  • App shows alerts once your number is up!
  • Book Online Appointments
  • SMS / Text Message Notifications

Enterprise Virtual Queue Management System – Turnkey solution to manage customer flow

A complete system that caters to diverse queuing needs from a basic queuing system to a sophisticated, multi branch, multi-region enterprise solutions. Our queue management system allows customers and visitors to enter a queue by taking a ticket via different channels such as Self Service Ticketing Kiosk, Web Ticketing, Mobile App and Online Appointment.

  • Predicts waiting times accurately
  • Allows you to customize your settings
  • Integrates with different platforms
  • Predictive Analysis & Customer Journey Mapping
  • Provides performance insights via reports and dashboards
  • Enables you to engage waiting customers with digital signage
  • Create your own solution-choose from fundamental and optional features

Enterprise Virtual Queue Management System - Turnkey solution to manage customer flow

Covid-19 SafeQ – Virtual Queuing Solutions to Manage Customer Flow

Covid-19 SafeQ - Virtual Queuing Solutions to Manage Customer Flow

SafeQ queuing solutions are specially designed to manage queues outside your store virtually ensuring social distancing. Our cloud platform enables efficient and productive management of queues virtually without contact.

It doesn’t matter if your customers arrive unplanned or do not have a smartphone. With Safe-Q, everyone will be able to be part of a virtual queue and will be able to wait for their turn safely. Once their turn arrives, they will be notified via SMS, WhatsApp or even an email.

  • Enable social distancing
  • Adhere to occupancy limits
  • Touchless
  • Manage online & walk-in customers
  • Central control
  • No more long queues

Customised solutions – Queuetec event management appointment and queuing system 

Queuetec is a proven, scalable solution for multi-process, high throughput appointment booking and queuing operations, which can be in a variety of locations.

It automates complex customer bookings, queries and follow up activities through a process that allows for multiple paths and resolutions. ‘Queuetec’ utilises complex business rules and a combination of data inputs to automate progress, with minimal one on one interaction.

As a result, the solution improves the experience for operators, staff and visitors, and reduces operational cost by automating non value add processes.

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted a number of additional features that have been added to ‘Queuetec’ which would reduce the risk of infection to the wider population.

Customised solutions - Queuetec event management appointment and queuing system


Our Access Control systems improve flow, safety and security

Our range of Access Control systems and equipment helps safely and securely manage pedestrian and vehicular flow inside and outside your buildings.

We provide a comprehensive choice of solutions, including:

Automated Gatehouse System

Automated Gatehouse System

Our automated access control systems allow fast paced distribution centres to align Health & Safety, efficient traffic management, site access and one view of the logistics activity on site at any point in time.

The solution can function either as a standalone automated gatehouse system, or be fully integrated into your existing infrastructure.


Guide ~ Inform ~ Promote ~ Engage ~ Convert

We provide a comprehensive range of screens and ancillary products to help guide, inform and engage your customers, visitors, patients and staff.

Our display screens come in a variety of styles and sizes. All of our screens are designed for constant 24/7 public usage, achieved by using commercial grade panels and components, to prevent the ultra sharp colours from fading over time.

Pinntec’s management team have over 25 years experience in the design, deployment and day to day operation of digital media, including:

Our services cover all aspects of the project, from the initial site audits and planning; to the installation, operational testing and refinements; to content creation and distribution; and then remote monitoring and management. In addition we provide specialist maintenance services to optimise both the performance and effective lifespan of your digital media.

Our transactional website for equipment and components

For clients who want direct equipment supply only, Pinntecdirect provides a range of products and services where clients can create accounts and benefit from highly competitive prices.

It is a semi-automated process with live stock inventory and help if required, offering great prices for clearance and non core products from established EPOS hardware providers and other companies where we have negotiated reseller partner agreements.


Our senior management team has more than 100 years experience working with retailers, hospitality, healthcare organisations and partners to develop and deliver their strategies.