A Small Number of our Pharmacy Click & Collect Lockers / Asset Management Lockers Available for Free Trial

How do you suppose McDonalds considered the risks and benefits of introducing self-service kiosks into their restaurants? Do you believe they understood every issue and nuance of the kiosk, or do you think they had just an overall view of how the technology might benefit their business and decided to take the risk? Would results confirm their belief that the self-serve technology would provide a quantum leap forward for them and their customers in terms of improving service and sales? (Indeed they did.)

How to minimise the risk of introducing new technology.

The problem with the introduction of any new technology is the risk; the risk of it not working to plan, of the unattended consequences. Usually the risks are time, money and aggravation. Sometimes you need to take that leap of faith, the courage of your convictions, the belief that benefits will outweigh the risks. But it can be a big call.

Pinntec have operated automated lockers across a number of markets in both the public and private sectors, and have seen first-hand how they have transformed operations for customers and operators. From asset management of IT equipment which has reduced losses; to Click & Collect lockers for retailers, which have provided both a better service to the customer as well as lower fulfilment and labour costs.

There are many such uses, but we think one of the most beneficial would be Click & Collect lockers for pharmacies, particularly in a hospital setting. Click & Collect lockers will minimise current queues, allow staff to concentrate on more important tasks, and reduce the waiting time for discharge patients.

Our free trial offer

To help demonstrate the business case data, we would like to run a small number of Click & Collect free trials for a three to six month period. We will provide the lockers, control screen and software, and the trial site will provide the location and helps manage the trial. In this way everyone will learn from the trial just as McDonalds did. For them, what started as a queue busting order kiosk, actually increased their average order size by 30%. Just the sort of beneficial unintended consequence we would all like to achieve.

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