UK retail automation and self-serve specialists Pinntec Ltd, and vending and dispensing robotics company, Signifi Solutions Inc., have formed Signifi Pinntec Retail as a joint venture.

What consumers buy, and how, is changing, and what defines ‘Retail’ is expanding. Consumers not only are looking for better, seamless and frictionless experiences, but also for safer shopping environments following the Coronavirus pandemic.

Consequently, there is a growing demand for the benefits of Pinntec’s automation solutions portfolio, which incorporates Signifi’s vending kiosks and intelligent C&C lockers, as well as interactive kiosks and touchpoints.

Since its inception in 2007, Canadian company Signifi Solutions have designed and engineered an innovative range of asset management, automated retail and loss prevention solutions.

They provide a complete range of automated retail equipment, including vending and robotic dispensing kiosks, lockers and BOPIS units. Their secure in-house developed software platform VISION remotely manages everything seamlessly.