Strengthen your offer and increase sales by adding our innovative ANPR solutions to your range.

5 key benefits of our ANPR solutions:

  • Removal of gatehouse labour costs
  • Increased efficiency of vehicle movements
  • Improved driver safety – no requirement to leave tractor unit
  • Record and report vehicle movements with significant data capture
  • Enhanced level of security

ANPR cameras have been in use for the last 40 years and today can read licence plates with a high reliability, even under constantly changing conditions (speed, light intensity, and varying weather conditions). Regardless of the difficulties, our ANPR solutions deliver enhanced camera reading efficiency and accuracy. From basic vehicle recognition, to the capture of VRN, trailer number and container number of all vehicles, to fully automated access control systems Pinntec’s ANPR camera systems capture number plate data and feed into a software solution, providing a signal to open a gate or barrier whilst monitoring the traffic flow. They can also detect the VRN, trailer number and container number of vehicles at the entrance and exit gates and use this to maintain a list of assets currently on site. The cameras connect to a server which runs software that intelligently combines the camera data to provide detail of each vehicle movement, and provides a web accessible management portal. Once our solution has been implemented on site, we will refine the software algorithms and camera positions to maximise data accuracy. Choose from our basic, intermediate and advance range of solutions to suit your own customer needs and new sales opportunities. Entry level ANPR solution The supply and maintenance of individual camera(s) using basic software to manage the flow of vehicles through whitelisted vehicle registration numbers, that integrates with barrier and gates to allow for automated entry and exit to a site. Intermediate ANPR solution The supply and maintenance of multiple cameras that are supported by an online portal to allow for multiple depots or entrance / exits.  All managed through an on-line user interface to give our clients full control of their sites and vehicles flows. With full integration with barrier and gates to allow for automated entry and exit to a site.   Advanced ANPR solution / ‘Automated Gatehouse’ The supply and maintenance of our intermediate ANPR solution, complemented by the additional benefit of interactive, multilingual, self-check in, driver screens, providing our full ‘Automated Gatehouse’ solution. It is a fully automated on-site booking and log-in system, and delivers substantial, ongoing savings and a rapid return on investment. This solution can function either as a standalone automated gatehouse system, or be fully integrated into your existing infrastructure. Our ‘Automated Gatehouses’ are now in use across 50+ large scale UK facilities.