Safeguard staff and reduce near misses to zero


Major distribution centres have to avoid many types of accidents on their sites on a daily basis. One of the most dangerous types of accidents that occur is forklift fall-through at the loading dock.

This type of accident happens as a trailer is being loaded or unloaded. The truck driver thinks loading or unloading is complete and pulls away from the dock prematurely. When the forklift leaves the trailer, it falls into the gap.

This type of accident also impacts colleagues in the same way, when they are loading with manual pump trucks or pushing cages onto the rear of trailers.

There are a variation of rudimental systems to avoid a vehicle from pulling off from the dock prematurely. Many of these require manual intervention from a designated site worker, and thus are prone to human error and incur labour costs to manage.


Reduce near misses to zero

Our solution utilises proven automated locker technology to secure and manage driver key movement. Inbound drivers are empowered to access our specialist smart lockers to deposit keys, taking control and ownership of the process. Internal camera feeds are converted in to a digital feed which is utilised to ensure compliance, with key recognition capability for added safety. 

We use a departure screen solution to inform drivers of the unload/load status of their vehicle to ensure clear communication. Furthermore, we understand that ease of integration is critical, so our solution can be readily integrated into your current Warehouse Management System where applicable, with the ability to report on activity.

Automated live alerts

In order to maximise operational efficiency, alerts are produced and directed through a customised portal or to a designated email, primarily when a 2nd verification or authorisation is required.

Our Inbound Driver Key Lockers deliver clear and measurable benefits

  • An essential investment in Health & Safety controls for site to mitigate accidents and costly claims 
  • Removes site labour costs to manage keys from inbound drivers
  • Full reporting suite of activity
  • Automation removes the risk of human error
  • Empowers the inbound driver on arrival to manage own key location status