The beauty of the NHS is the variety of services available to patients, families, support staff and others. In fact, there are so many services, trying to find the right one and keep track of them is becoming increasingly difficult.

We are all familiar with the rows and rows of leaflets found in GP services and health centres. Well-meaning documentation but with no easy filter to determine relevancy or usefulness – it’s no wonder people are overwhelmed with information. Simplifying choice and improving service Pinntec is at the forefront of a new initiative within the NHS which seeks to harness digital technology, simplify the choice for patients, and in doing so provide a better service for everyone. New information touch screens are being installed which collate relevant information and present it in a simple, straightforward manner. The user can determine which information they require. The hardware, designed by Pinntec’s strategic partner Pyramid Computers in Germany, uses 32” touchscreens linked to websites which have a plethora of information. Adopting best practice from other sectors The touch-screen is the perfect size and orientation for the presentation of the information and utilises Pinntec’s and Pyramid’s extensive knowledge from other sectors such as retail and hospitality. The 32” touch screen has been designed to comply with access regulations for reach and visual limits, plus a audio interface can be added. In so doing the new service combines some of the best elements of digital innovation; personalisation, up to date information, a useful and engaging presentation format, and all with the immediacy of expert personal advice in a local setting. The optimum mix of physical and virtual. Helping ourselves This service reflects the broader trend growing across many sectors where people are wanting to take responsibility for finding information, services and products, and are using digital self-serve technology as the means to access the service. The days of general, impersonal advice are over.

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